Everything you need to know about Altitude Sickness

Please be aware of the high altitude as you are making travel plans. Please be advised that these are recommendations and you should consult with your physician if you have any medical concerns or need medical advice.

  • Drink Plenty of water, hydration is key
  • Ascend Slowly
    • Give your body a day to adjust
    • If you are coming from out of state try staying a day or two in Denver before heading up to the high country
  • Delay Excercise
    • Give yourself a day to adjust before heading out on the slopes
  • Avoid Alcohol
    • Yes you are on vacation, but if you avoid drinking for a day or two it can significantly help to prevent elevation sickness

Altitude sickness is an uncomfortable and potentially serious condition that affects some people traveling to high elevation environments. Although you may have heard of it and brushed it off as a myth this condition is real and effects around 25% or people traveling at elevation.

The most common type of altitude sickness is Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) and is generally found in those who travel to locations above 8000 ft.

AMS usually occurs within 2-12 hours of arriving at elevation.

Symptoms include:

Appetite loss

If you experience more than the listed symptoms you might have the next level of Altitude sickness, called High Altitude cerebral edema. If this is the case, go down in elevation and consult a doctor.

Helpful Tips
  • Wait it out
    • Giving yourself a day or two can significantly reduce the effects of altitude sickness
  • Oxygenboost
    • Found in stores across Breckenridge a can of Oxygenboost can get you feeling like yourself again
  • Vida-Flo
    • One of Breckenridge’s best sources for alleviating elevation sickness
    • Get yourself feeling better quickly through IV hydration
    • Located in the heart of Breckenridge
    • Treatments are customized to you
  • O2 Lounge
    • Boost your blood oxygen level with 15, 30 or 45 minute oxygen sessions
    • Grab a coffee and surf the internet while starting to feel better
    • Aromatherapy options available with oxygen treatments
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